Kai Oranga L3

Kai Oranga (Kaupae Tuatoru)

This level 3 programme will teach you to grow your own health food for your whānau and your marae and pass this knowledge on to others.

With the depletion of Earth's natural resources and growing human populations, there is a need to be concerned with how and what we feed our people and our communities in the future.

With the current situation of our taiao and the added chemicals going into our kai (food), the Kai Oranga programme (within a New Zealand context) aims to rebuild and re-insert knowledge relating to traditional and contemporary food, sustainable practices, food production and management (kaitiakitanga) back into whānau, hapū and iwi settings.

Kai Oranga raises awareness of the relationship between the food that people eat and their overall health. By doing so, it links food with people's wellbeing (Rongoā).

Tauira will learn

  • About the principles of Hua Parakore.
  • Through participating and contributing to the process of growing food for nutritional purposes, for the wellness and wellbeing of their whānau.
  • About the impact of policies regarding kai and food sovereignty and how it has affected people in Aotearoa.
  • About the cultural aspects associated with kai, like manaakitanga, kaitiakitanga, collective accountability of kai management and distribution, including sharing kai, looking after elders, the whānau and community.
  • The technical aspects of growing kai and maara (garden) design.
  • Maintaining their safety in and around the maara, ā tinana (physically) and ā wairua (spiritually).
Start Date
Intake 1: 12 Feb to 17 Nov 2024, Intake 2: 26 Feb to 01 Dec 2024
40 weeks
Blended learning including noho, wānanga, online learning and self-directed learning
Applications Close
Applications close
Intake 1: 11 Mar 2024, Intake 2: 25 March 2024
Campus Location
Available nationally based on demand
Min age 16. Be a NZ Citizen or Permanent Resident and have a desire to learn about maara kai and rongoā in a Māori context and to work in health and or horticulture industries
Pathway to
Further study and career opportunities in horticultural, environmental and maara kai
Tuition fees free

KAI001 Whakapapa O Ngā Kai Atua

Course type:  Core

  • Description:  This course will introduce tauira to elements of ngā ture tikanga and ture tangata principles to grow kai oranga. Tauira will also develop an understanding of the origins, principles and practices of Hua Parakore and Rongoā. By applying this learning within a within a maara kai practice space tauira will be able to seed and cultivate a plant collection.

KAI002  Mauri Maara Kai

Course type:  Core

  • Description:  This course will provide the opportunity for tauira to design, prepare, plant and maintain a maara kai while applying ture tikanga and ture tangata principles. Tauira will be able to identify and maintain appropriate gardening equipment for their maara kai. Tauira will also research a range of growing techniques and usages of Māori medicinal plants. This learning will be applied within maara kai practice.

KAI003  Te Ao Tūroa

Course type:  Core

  • Description:  Tauira will learn about the annual growing cycle in accordance with the maramataka taking into account regional and seasonal variations. Tauira will be able to identify a range of plant pests and diseases. Tauira will also be able to articulate the difference between organics and Hua Parakore. This learning will be applied within maara kai practice.

KAI004 Mana Reo Mana Whenua

Course type:  Core

  • Description:  This course introduces tauira to roles and responsibilities as a kaitiaki within the maara kai. Tauira will work with hau kāinga to identify community needs in relation to their maara kai. Tauira will also be encouraged to practise using te reo o te maara and learn basic phrases and karakia for maara kai. Tauira will develop an understanding of the impact of key policies and events since first contact with Europeans.

KAI005 Oranga Wairua

Course type:  Core

  • Description:  This course introduces tauira to Health and Safety systems related to operating in the maara kai. Tauira will also apply ture tikanga and ture tangata principles in order to keep themselves, others, and their environmental surroundings safe and secure. Tauira will also reflect on their journey of learning and how this could contribute to their future educational or employment pathways.

KAI006 Māramatanga

Course type:  Core

  • Description:  Tauira will analyse the results of the maara that they contributed to planning, planting, maintaining and harvesting. Students will learn to prepare a hākari from the kai that they have harvested from the maara.

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Natonal Programme Co-ordinator, Wai Ora and Bachelor of Matauranga Maori

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