Māori Performing Arts Pathways

Do you have a passion for art forms such as kapa haka, theatre or Māori music?

Haka and Māori performing arts are powerful vehicles of knowledge showcasing te reo Māori, tikanga Māori and Māori creative art forms for storytelling. 

We are the only education institution in the world that offers pathways for Te Ao Haka - Māori Performing Arts from foundation through to postgraduate levels.  With courses in Te Waharoa - Community Education spaces, to Certificates in Te Pou Hono, to the Bachelor of Māori Performing Arts - Ngā Mana Whakairo a Toi, to the Postgraduate Diploma in Māori Performing Arts - Te Rautoki a Toi, to masters degrees and the pinnacle of academia, doctoral level study.

From cultural scholarship of tikanga and te reo Māori to composition, publication and research to the practical elements of the study of haka through waiata/song, haka, chant, and whakataetae/competition.  Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi are proud to support, nuture and foster haka excellence.

Bachelor of Māori Performing Arts
Ngā Mana Whakairo a Toi: Bachelor of Māori Performing Arts
This programme which produces kaihaka who are valued repositories of mātauranga Māori, te reo Māori, tikanga Māori and Māori performing arts; ensuring graduates have the mātauranga and skill base fully recognised within Māori communities.
Postgraduate Diploma in Māori Performing Arts
Postgraduate Diploma in Māori Performing Arts
An opportunity for undergraduates with Māori performing competencies and emergent research to a pathway of applied studies at postgraduate level
Te Pou Hono ki Toi
Te Pou Hono ki Toi
This level 4 programme is intended for people who seek to develop a broad range of skills required to support and participate in mahi toi within marae communities.
Masters Degrees
Master's degrees
The master’s degrees provide a friendly and supportive learning environment for students through the (mostly) noho delivery model. After completing a minimum of four papers either part time or full time, students opt for either a dissertation or thesis.
Doctor of Philosophy
Doctor of Philosophy
Doctoral Degrees are the highest supervised degree offered by Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi. The PhD is awarded for a thesis that demonstrates a candidate’s ability to carry out independent research and analysis at an advanced level of study in a particular discipline and/or field.
Professional Doctorate Degrees
Professional doctorate degrees
Doctor of Māori Development and Advancement and the Doctor of Indigenous Development and Advancement are designed specifically for students in professional areas.  These are degrees that consider the working experiences of its student body and encourages them to consider how their research can contribute to the tribal, community and indigenous organisations within which they are located.
Community Education
Te Waharoa - Community Education
These courses provide foundation knowledge and skills centred on your marae and its cultural uniqueness. Marae representatives must attend Te Apa Marae Kura presentation to register their marae for the programme.

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