Master of Māori Studies

My thesis was written in Te Reo Māori. I am a descendant of Tūhoe, raised in Rūātoki and Taneātua. My mother Maraea (Purewa) Mika was my main idol in nurturing me to where and who I am now.

I’ve always had a passion for karakia, hence why I followed my mother for many years attending the Ringatū gathering every month for the past 20 years. While attending these gatherings, a few questions began lingering in my mind. For example, what is the significance of the Ringatū singing their hīmene, pānui and waiata every 11th and 12th of each month? This drove me to pursue my Masters, which gave me the opportunity to research some of these questions. I based my thesis on Ngā Karakia o te Ahiahi – now known as Te Tekau-mā-rua, the monthly gathering to recite the scriptures that Te Kooti Ārikirangi Te Turuki (te Matua Tangata) established in the early 1800s.

Through my Masters research, I managed to find clarity and understanding for the questions I had. I always promised myself that my findings would be contributed to the schools, kōhanga reo and others who follow the Hāhi Ringatū. This will be my contribution back to the whānau, hapū and iwi.

* Fabian Mika graduated in 2017 and received the Excellence in Te Reo Māori Award.

Fabian Mika, Master of Māori Studies graduate

Fabian Mika, Master of Māori Studies graduate

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